Greece: Paros here we come, first wedding Anniversary

Nearly one year since our beautiful wedding day, Jenny and I are off to Paros to celebrate our amazing first year together. Having booked this trip many months ago, Jenny and I had visions of planning out the whole time, and discovering the activities and excursions that we should be taking ourselves on.

And we go off to Mykonos

However we’ve been working, a lot. Sleeping a little and relaxing rarely. So unfortunately we have only got very little planned. That may not be a bad thing, since what we really need is a bit of a sleep and a chance to relax together. At least at a minimum we have a lovely meal booked and have been told to go on a wine tasting. The rest of the time, who knows.

Busy, Busy time to relax

Having spent the last 4 days with Rob’s family for his Granny’s 100th (yes one hundredth) Birthday we are already exhausted so were not that keen on awaking at 5am to head to the airport. Arriving at London Bridge Station, and finding all the trains to Gatwick delayed didn’t help our joy of the early morning. Finally arriving at the airport, we had a cheeky katsu curry and got to the plane. We are on our way!

See you on the other side

Not quite… 1.5 hours later, due to an issue with the plane and then an issue with a take-off slot, we are still sitting on the apron. We would be missing our ferry from Mykonos to Paros, but as one piece of luck would have it, our ferry has also been delayed by 4 hours to 7pm. How lucky!

Finally some food

As soon as we got to Noussa we went straight out to have a lovely meal at Soso a restaurant down a beautiful alley with bougainvillea growing up every where. The food was delicious and quite reasonable too.

Well enough of the complaining, we are finally lieing down in our beautifully comfortable bed looking out to the Adriatic. Ready to sleep, this place is beautiful.



To see our planning of the trip look at our last post here:

Greek Islands: Planning the trip


Greek Islands: Planning the trip

Anniversary Time

We got married on June 30th 2017, so we have our 1 year anniversary this year. Having already been on a major trip for our honeymoon, we decided not to be too over the top. Greece, however is somewhere we have both wanted to go together and so our decision was made. Specifically the islands where the sand is soft and the sun is warm.

And you will go to Mykonos…

Flights to Greece seem to mainly focus on Athens, however there are some reasonable direct flights to Mykonos on the world favourite airline, EasyJet. And we managed to pick up a good return deal for just over a hundred quid each. Jenny and I don’t tend to enjoy party focused locations which was the impression we got from friends and articles we had read of Mykonos. Instead we were suggested the nearby island of Paros.

Unfortunately, the ferries in the Greek Islands are very expensive, but it is the most efficient way to get around without breaking the bank. Luckily we can arrive in Mykonos and take the ferry to Paros on the same day, something that isn’t always possible due to the timetable or availability of tickets.

There are lots of websites to book on the same ferry so check them all, as some will show sold out, whereas others will have plenty of availability. We booked onto Seajets.

…with a vision of gentle coast

Choosing a place to stay was very difficult. We knew that we didn’t want to spend too much, but we also wanted to enjoy our special week together. Jenny did most of the research for this and found some places. All with a view of the sea, well why not!

We ended up agreeing on somewhere near Naousa as it seemed a pleasant town with some places to eat but not being too busy. It has the typical white buildings looking out over the sea.

View of Naoussa, Paros from the water. Original image by ArnoWinter available here:
View of Naoussa, Paros from the water – Original image by ArnoWinter available here:

Margarita’s House is near to Naoussa but far enough away to be within our budget. We opted for a room with a view over the sea, but also with cooking facilities to give us the option to reduce our expenses if we needed to. We can’t wait the room looks lovely, there is a pool, a view and a short walk to the town centre.

Owner's image of the room we have booked, looking out over the sea.
Owner’s image of the room we have booked, looking out over the sea.
Now to wait

We have a few months to decide what to do, see which other islands we may want to go to and any places we want to eat. June now seems so many months away! But we will just have to wait and keep saving money to pay off the credit card and enjoy ourselves on holiday.

See you soon guys!

Mr&Mrs Watts